Reflection and reality together represent a new unified, resilient, uncertain, and changing reality. The new double picture of the world is more intense than the old one, more expressive and bright. It reminds a picture from a Rorschach psychological test, a free "monotype", an abstract multivariate space, a neutral zone for research, which is ready to acquire the most desperate meanings.

The horizon line between two realities is like a spine. It is a line of excitement, a "guard point", a zone of full trust. Such a union focuses on itself, namely on the interaction and mutual influence of both its components – real and illusory. The congruence of the two realities must be convincing, otherwise, the two systems will not match and the result of the mirroring will bring no consolation. 

The congruence, built not for a genuine reflection, but for an illusion that absorbs reality, drags this reality into a water plane or a mirror and finally turns itself into an illusion or an ideal unattainable world. As a result, we get the world itself and the innermost secret of this world in all its striking clarity. (Volodymyr Budnikov)

*The project was supported by ChervoneChorne Art Group