When working with paper, I accumulate layers of intentions, not burdened with the necessity to choose or to dismember reality in order to seek the illusionary main point.

My abstract drawings are, in a way, analogous to fastidious, unmediated, meticulously precise drawings from nature. I jot down many objects that might be distant or illusory, but the thing is, I don’t need to scrupulously examine them. Paper, a subtle and astute intermediary, allows for precision that brooks no excessive interpretations. I just place reflections of what I’ve seen on paper: sometimes that suffices, and sometimes I have to lay them on layer by careful layer. The plain of paper becomes something not altogether dissimilar from an X-ray film, where objects existing at varying distances and depths are overlaid to fit a flat image.

Deep down, work of the sort is evocative of editing a manuscript, excising and correcting mistakes. Each drawing, that is, contains all versions at once, first to last. In a way, it’s a meditation unfolding directly on paper. Its result draws in the eye.

Volodymyr Budnikov. Kyiv, 2015